Heat Wave is Coming! Top 5 Ocean Pools to Escape in Sydney

  • Posted by: Jasmin
  • 2019-09-09

Heat Wave is Coming! Top 5 Ocean Pools to Escape in Sydney

According to the weather forecast, there will be another wave of temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius approaching Sydney next week! In such a hot summer, in addition to staying at home blowing air-conditioning, a trip to the sea to cool down yourself is also a great choice. Today I am here to share Sydney`s top 5 ocean pools.

Top 1. Bondi Icebergs POOL, Bondi

Address: 1 Notts Avenue, Bondi

Fees: $6.50

When it comes to Sydney`s awesome beach pool, Bondi Icebergs POOL is definitely the first one to mention. It has been seen for at least 1,000 times on Instagram. And, after visiting it, what I want to say is good, cool, great. Because Bondi Icebergs POOL is close to the sea, waves slap directly on the outer wall of the swimming pool, so when swimming in the pool, you will have the illusion of being in the sea. It is also worth mentioning that there is also a small shallow pool for children on the side of the main pool, it is a good choice for family to relax together.


Top 2. Bronte Bath, Bronte

Address: Bronte Road, Bronte

Fees: free

Bronte Bath is another swimming pool built along the coastline, and many swimmers also come here with their cameras, because it is especially beautiful to see the sunset. Come with your partner, watching the sunset in such a beautiful beach pool is also quite romantic.


Top 3. Mahon Pool, Maroubra

Address: 15 Marine Parade, Maroubra

Fees: free

Maroubra Beach is located in eastern Sydney, in stormy weather, Mahon Pool under the surging waves looks absolutely thrilling, but when the weather is good, there are little fish and some lovely unknown marine creatures living in this natural swimming pool, and it will be a great experience to swim and play with them!


Top 4. Giles Bath, Coogee

Address: 105-109 R Beach St, Coogee 2034

Fees: free

Giles Bath is a hidden gem in Coogee, it is a natural rock pool, the whole pool is naturally inlaid in the sea, in which it will really not be able to tell whether you are swimming in the pool or in the sea! And the water in this pool is really clear and the color is very beautiful.


Top 5. Murray Rose Pool, Double Bay

Address: New South Head Road, Double Bay

Fees: free

Murray Rose Pool is so famous because it’s just by the Sydney Harbor, you can see the yacht driving by when you swimming here. The only drawback of this pool is that it is too popular, it is supposed to be full of people on weekends.


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