How To Improve Your Cycling Performance And Fitness

  • Posted by: Jasmin
  • 2019-08-21

How To Improve Your Cycling Performance And Fitness

Bike riding is healthy, fun, and the best way to sustain the city. Riding a two wheel bike in the streets of Sydney saves money and time. More and more Sydneysiders use bikes as means of transport. Sydney city has been on the support of this trend through the installation of a 200km bike network. The network is made up of bike paths that keep distance the riders and the pedestrians from the traffic. However, some of the roads in Sydney are hectic to take a ride thus there is need of bicycle map Sydney before taking a ride. You might decide to change your route depending on time of day, weather, or sometimes due to the direction you are travelling. Are you thinking of hitting on the bike paths or expounding your cycling fitness exercise, then look no further. The sure fire tips below will help you get started and proceed safely.  

Set Your Bike Correctly 

Before you do anything it is prudent to ensure that your bike is in a good condition. Plan your ride properly and this means ensuring the bike is in good shape. We all don’t have the same taste and preference, and for this make a pre-visit to the bike shop to get your bike adjusted as per your torso length, leg, arm and handle bar. This will be done to tailor make the bike for your body needs. 

Lighten the Load on Your Bike

Whether you are going for a shopping trip, cycle tour or commuting; you require the capability of carrying sufficient load on your bike. The best way to carry the load during your bike trip or cycle is to ensure that the load is on the bike and not on your body. Refrain from carrying any load on your body but rather put your entire load on the rucksack. 

Have Correct Cycling Kit 

Correct cycling kit makes some difference. Invest more on some specific equipment, bike kit. This is a noble idea as it reduces the risks of accidents and protects the rider against natural calamities. The following are some of the bike kit that one should at least have; 

Bike Helmet 

The best and modernize helmets are designed to have ventilation and light weight. It is a must have kit as it saves live in case of accidents and its top notch priority is to prevent the head from external injuries. 

Cycling Shorts

Shorts add some pleasure to riding as it curbs one from soreness resulting from repeats of rubbing. This might sometimes leads to blisters which will eventually lead to wounds; this is a health hazard that can only be corrected by a short. 

Hydrate Properly When Riding 

Irrespective of the weather conditions, the need to have more fluids increases as you go on cycling. Breathing hard and sweating tend to reduce blood volume thus loading more work the heart. Take some couple of water as you ride. 

Final Thought:

Sydney city has come up with plans that sustain bike cycling; most of the staff members are destined around the bike paths to help share useful information and advice to the riders. With the above tips and the bicycle map Sydney you are assured of better cycling in Sydney, Go cycling!

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